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[typegram]( - zen blog platform (like medium)...

10 months ago

tggram: the good, the bad and the ugly

TgGram - blog platform for telegram..

9 months ago

typegram, weekly digest, 06.08

Good news everyone! 👋..

9 months ago

Typegram rating system

This is a slightly structured stream of thoughts about how the ratings on the typegram will be arranged. This flow has been forming in the background for the last several weeks and this is the first, but not the last, attempt to formalize it in the form of abstracts...

9 months ago less than a minute

Typegram rating system

You may see on the main page three sections with strange names:..

9 months ago less than a minute

Auto-publishing from Typegram to Telegram

Formatting posts in telegram is not very convenient. Usually, you have to use bots and type text manually in a markdown. Write to yourself - to see what happened. And if you need to insert in the post a link to the picture - then this is inconvenient doubly...

8 months ago less than a minute

Monsters on typegram!

Hello! Go to the news. Now each user has a personal monster. Approximately this:..

7 months ago less than a minute

44 essays on typegram

Great news for the Russian-speaking community...