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Typegram rating system

This is a slightly structured stream of thoughts about how the ratings on the typegram will be arranged. This flow has been forming in the background for the last several weeks and this is the first, but not the last, attempt to formalize it in the form of abstracts.

Let’s start with the interface. Just because I always program from the interface (and I advise everyone)

As is:

Now we have the main menu item all

It contains all the publications in reverse order. And this is the bottom.

To be:

There will be three sections with strange names:

top mid btm

Yes, I love DotA (my dog’s name is pudge, for example). And I’m sure that ratings are more about game mechanics/motivation than something seriously adequate. I suppose to divide all the content into three parts, top, middle and bottom. At this point, I vomit to pieces, in terms of determining the period for which the articles will be ranked. On the one hand, you need to keep all the articles in the index, on the other, maybe not. Now I’m inclined to keep the articles in these sections - a month. Those a month after the publication of the article will disappear from the ratings and from the main, but will still be available as a direct link, and in the author’s feed. The articles will be sorted in reverse chronological order, those hits in the top - does not mean that at the very top - will be forever the same.

How to determine who will be at the top, and who is at the bottom. Every hour I will find the article for the hour. The best and the worst. If they are not in the top or bottom - they will be added. All other articles go to farm the rating on the mid. As farm - fall into the top. If you merge mid - fall into the bottom. This is over.

Rating of the article.

Dancing, as always from the interface:

+ 5: 1 -

Each user will have 10 votes per day. He can spend them on both pluses and minuses. As for one article to charge all 10, and distribute them as he wants.

Why can I rub on the medium 50 voices at a time for one article? Now I’m not interested in looking at these figures at all

The author sees both the negative and the positive, separately.

On good - : it is necessary to make clickable - and to show a tablet of voices on users. But this is hell technically keep everything in all sections

Rating of the comments

+ 5

Sometimes the authors - will want to collect a feedback on something. Type, seals - and vote plz which article you like best. The first five comments will be links to articles - just put a plus sign - your favorite.

Yes, I’m a pervert. And I plan to make the rating of the comments diametrically opposite. This complicates the understanding of how things work here, of course, but it’s also interesting for me to hone this game mechanics.

So, comments will be positive. I do not know why. Do not ask. I just want to give more opportunities for collecting feedback with different mechanics. And for the comment, it will be possible to give only one vote. It will not be possible to slash the entire ten into one. And I’m not sure that you need to draw voices from a single barrel. Not even so. I will do by analogy but separately. Each reader will have 10 votes per comment per day. One comment is one voice. It seems transparent. And I’ll probably start with them, with comments.