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tggram: the good, the bad and the ugly

TgGram - blog platform for telegram

The good

It’s easy. Don’t need password or registration.

Just open telegrambot @blogfatherbot and start typing. The bot will create blog for you with username.tggram.com, like this: http://recoilme.tggram.com/

You may send an image or short video, edit post - and it will be updated in real time. Bot have some commands for advanced users: http://telegra.ph/Komandy-blogfatherbot-11-24

Create blog for telegram channel

It’s simple, just add the bot to your public channel, as administrator, with minimal rights - and it’s done! Write something to channel, and you blog channelname.tggram.com - will be created. After first post bot will try to import some history messages from channel.





and 4000 blogs more. Catch more examples here: http://tggram.com

Your blog will have:

  • rss feed

  • sitemap

  • comments

  • sharing

  • info (from the description)

and so on (ability to add yandex metrics counter or validate domain)

If you have questions - feel free to reach me here: https://t.me/tggramhelp

The bad

  • blogfatherbot work as is, I don’t have time now to develop custom css for your site, i don’t sell custom domains and so on. Sorry about that.

  • Music and films can’t be uploaded. That’s not free filestorage

  • Seo. All sites have rss/sitemap and pinged to google But that’s all. Seo does not work like this. Without backlinks and real users, you don’t catch traffic from search engines. You may catch real stats here.

The ugly

Tggram is free and serves millions of posts from thousands of channels from 10.2017. But good channels have personal full-featured sites. So, 99% of my clients are spam, porno and illegal content. I’m spending a lot of time to support/moderate and abuse reports

And i see only one solution - I have plans to make it paid, without the free plan. Now i develop new, full-featured blog platform with the ability to write posts directly from web, with comments, following, favorites, API, and so on. Then i finish it - tggram will be rebranded to typegram and will become paid service. Sorry about that.

So, if you looking for free solution - take a look on telepost.io for example.