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Monsters on typegram!

Hello! Go to the news. Now each user has a personal monster. Approximately this:

It was a very interesting and creative task. Technically, generating a unique image from a set of images is quite easy. An example of how it was decided before us in another project:

The problem is how to make it so that monsters are simultaneously diverse, funny and unique enough. An additional limitation was my wish that they were black and white.

And with this task brilliantly managed Alexei @razuvaev for which he thank you so much). Now each user has a recognizable identity - and, importantly, it does not spoil the design.

Also, another contributor joined the project - opennota - who sent a whole bunch of corrections to my numerous mistakes, thanks!

Thank you for staying with us!

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This seems to take precedence over my profile picture link. What is the profile picture link used for, then?