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44 essays on typegram

Great news for the Russian-speaking community.

Telegram channel Hemingway will call and the site of the same name launched a contest for beginner writers - 44 essays

Although competition or competition is not quite the right word. At the end of the competition, an iPhone is usually presented, and the winner of the competition is given a medal. 44 essays - not really about it. In order to learn how to write, you have to write and write a lot. For this purpose, and launched a project 44 essays. It is rather a marathon. It is necessary to write at least one story per week. You just write a story, place it on a typegram, put a tag in the field - 44esse and that’s it.

Once a month (or maybe once every two months) we will have an art party called Hemingway Calling. On them we will read the best texts. Ideally, the authors themselves will read the texts.

Thank you for staying with us!