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typegram, weekly digest, 06.08

Good news everyone! πŸ‘‹

This is typegram and our first weekly digest:

  • mentions! now, when someone mention you in comments you will see it on the main page

  • nice hover effect for photo, just look on it:

  • count of followers and favorited for articles, for authors

  • title, picture and other things for nice looking sharing (including instant view for telegram)

  • channel in telegram for discussions

  • and many other visual improvements for authors, readers and commentors

Now i working hard on rating system for articles. Rating will be positive and negative, separately:

+ 5:1 -

All readers will have 5 votes daily or so

And of course - we will have as β€œtop” of articles as the β€œbtm”. I think negative votes matter for authors too.

Stay tuned and welcome to typegram!