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Gembung Itu Bagus

Beberapa waktu lalu, aku tersandung sebuah artikel tentang ukuran. Satu kalimat yang menarik...

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Auto-publishing from Typegram to Telegram

Formatting posts in telegram is not very convenient. Usually, you have to use bots and type text manually in a markdown. Write to yourself - to see what happened. And if you need to insert in the post a link to the picture - then this is inconvenient doubly...

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Internet Tracking: Why It’s Bad and How to Avoid It


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my first post

Hi, everyone!..

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Monsters on typegram!

Hello! Go to the news. Now each user has a personal monster. Approximately this:..

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Cartesian Philosophy

- Won over Aristotelian philosophy until it was brought down by Newton, mostly cosmologically..

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Typegram rating system

You may see on the main page three sections with strange names:..

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Stateful Serverless stack with OpenFaaS & Minio

Would it be for trained AI models or simple files, sometimes you want serverless functions to be able to store data for reuse...

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Here is a title

Some text here. ![](http://en.tgr.am/i/en/bloukopkoggelmander/1_.png)..

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typegram, weekly digest, 06.08

Good news everyone! 👋..

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[typegram](http://tgr.am) - zen blog platform (like medium)...

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# Article Title ## I have nothing to test - This is a list - Listing shit out ## A new Section 1. Does order work? 2. oh it does cool..

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Once upon a time there was a guy who could kick a soccer ball over two city blocks. He made pine coffins in his spare time...

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*hello*, typegram!..

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But how does it compare to VuePress?

I'm a terrible person, I ![](knowwww.vuepressbook.com)...

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Typegram rating system

This is a slightly structured stream of thoughts about how the ratings on the typegram will be arranged. This flow has been forming in the background for the last several weeks and this is the first, but not the last, attempt to formalize it in the form of abstracts...

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first post


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What does it mean to accept myself the way I am?

It cannot mean to just follow my impulses in every given situation. If I'd do that, I'd be like [Bender when he became human](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vvrs83TVuM)...

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My wonderful thing..